How to buy a perfect mobile phone?

How to buy a perfect mobile phone?

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13 May, 2020

No, today I’m not going to review any gadget or giving a top 10 list to you. This is a very special article because in this I’ll guide you “How to buy a perfect mobile phone?”

It is very difficult to buy a perfect mobile phone which fulfill all our requirements and satisfy us.

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1. Do your analysis or Research

First of all, you’ll have to try to do a small amount of analysis or research to work out what reasonably phone you wish to shop for.

Concerning in place confidence in what you are doing and this time think differently than your last phone buying; see what your friends have, and have an examination of some models to seek out out what is out there.

Consider things like:

1. Price

Square measure you willing to splash out for the most effective phone you’ll realize, or square measure you strapped for money and need one thing low cost and cheerful?

Look at our guide to the most effective low-cost phones if you are on a budget, or ascertain concerning our prime phones this year if you are not.

Size, shape, and style

mobile size
mobile size

You are going to be exploiting your new phone tons, thus confirm it’s one you prefer holding.

Immense phablets, chunky compact phones, sleek metal, and vibrant plastic all look and feel terribly completely different.

Massive screens square measure ideal if you browse the net, watch videos, or play games tons, however, smaller screens tend to be cheaper.

Operating system

iPhone or Android? everyone comes with distinctive benefits and issues. iOS has wonderful property and may adjust along with your iPod, iPad, or mackintosh seamlessly.

Androids, on the opposite hand, square measure super customizable, however, look a touch completely different on each phone.


Suppose processors, RAM, and so on. Most flagship phones have the most recent school, that is good if you wish to use innumerable apps, play games, watch a video, or multitask.

On the opposite hand, there is not any use dishing out for top-shelf specs if you may never use them.


Internal storage is employed for holding your apps, messages, photos, and files, and may typically be expanded with associate degree Mount Rushmore State card.

A big app will take up over 1GB quite simply, thus do not be too conservative here.


Some phones supply displays with wonderful quad-HD quality – although that sometimes suggests that they price a lot of.

Still, it may be definitely worth the expense if you will be exploiting your phone to scan tiny text, watch videos, or play games.


camera of mobilecamera of mobile

Most smartphones keep company with cameras, however, they will vary quite a bit.

Some square measure like employing a DSLR, some have pleasing front-facing cameras for selfies and video calls, and a few simply have a straightforward point-and-shoot one on the rear that does not do something special.


Does one need 4G capability? NFC? A vital sign monitor? Removable battery? Some high-end phones have some high-end options that you just could take into account essential.

4G suggests that an abundant quicker net, as an example, and NFC permits for things like Apple Pay.

2. Choose a phone

best mobile
best mobile

Once you’ve got had an honest scrutinize what is around and figured out what you prefer, it is time to form a rate and identify your favorite phone.

Or, if you cannot slender it down, select 2 or 3 that you would be happy to possess, and compare the deals you’ll get on every of them.

And if you are shift from iPhone to robot or contrariwise, hunt the way to build the move swimmingly.

3. Select a value set up

There square measure 3 main ways in which to pay money for a mobile phone: pay monthly, SIM-only (which needs you to get the phone), and pay-as-you-go (which conjointly needs you to get the handset).

Let’s take a glance at those choices in additional detail.

Pay monthly

Get a phone and a SIM on one contract. These sometimes last 2 years. A contract makes a flagship phone or a replacement model way cheaper since you are not paying many pounds directly, however it typically works out costlier overall.

Plus, you are tied into a contract for 2 years – although if you decide a phone you prefer and a tariff that works, that is not thus unhealthy.


sim card
sim card

Purchase the phone outright, and check in to a SIM-only setup. Since SIM-only plans do not usually last as long, they are a lot of versatile – even a lot of thus if you select a 30-day setup.

Overall it will compute cheaper, although bear in mind you’ll have to cough up the dough for the new phone right away.


Purchase the phone outright, and obtain a pay-as-you-go SIM. rather than obtaining a collection bundle of minutes, texts, and information to use during a month, with pay-as-you-go you merely pay money for the calls, texts, and information downloads you create.

It is the most versatile alternative of the ton, however, it is never pretty much as good price – particularly if you are moderate to a significant mobile user.

The best thanks to choosing a concept are to require a glance at the number of business minutes, texts, and information you employ right away, and compute what quantity you’ll have from a replacement set up.

Find out what your monthly mobile budget is, too – and the way abundant you would be willing to pay on a phone direct – and appearance for a deal that suits each.

Additional reads:

4. Compare networks to buy a perfect mobile phone


Some mobile networks square measure designed around low costs for light-weight users.

Others square measure for folks that use their phone tons and need an honest deal on unlimited information.

Some have wonderful 4G coverage, whereas others have none in any respect and a few networks supply cool extras like priority tickets or associate degree amusement subscription.

5. Go for it!


Found a concept you prefer, on a network that offers you the things you want? choose it from the list, and click on through to the supplier to check-in. And if you select a SIM-only setup, bear in mind to order your French telephone itself individually.

And presto! you will be chatting away on your new phone in no time.

Tell us if you find this helpful and also mention your desirable mobile which you are going to buy after reading this guide: How to buy a perfect mobile phone?”


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